About Us

The Imam Mehdi Center is a religious, charitable institution established ten years ago. The present building was opened in order to meet the religious needs of the Muslim community in Greater Richmond area. The religious programs are conducted in various languages: Arabic, Urdu, Persian and of course English. It has a well-stocked reference and lending library, a conference room and prayer hall. The Center, since its inception has been providing religious and charitable services to the community of believers by way of congregational prayers, observance of joyous and sorrowful occasions associated with the Prophet and his Ahlul-Bait and guidance in matters of religious beliefs and actions.

Board of Directors:

Sr. Sania Zehra Naqvi (Secretary)

Sr. Maliha Hasan Naqvi (Treasurer)

Br. Liaqat Ali Abbas

Br. Syed Rashid Ali Rizvi

Br. Muqtar Riyazali

Board of Trustees:

Br. Syed Najam Naqvi Chairman

Sr. Farzana Naqvi Trustee

Br. Syed Mohammed Naqvi Trustee

Br. Syed Agha Hasan Naqvi Trustee

Br. Syed Amin Naqvi Trustee